Coming up with the idea of combining Metaverse + gaming + DeFi, the founder and co-founder led a team of artists, blockchain builders and developers to realize the concept together. And that's how Metazonx was founded!
We first started as an IT consultancy firm, gradually ventured into the financial investment industry and eventually stepped into the blockchain industry. Backed by strong blockchain knowledge, our dedicated team aims to revolutionise the crypto world!
None of our team members is entitled to any minting privileges. It is all about fairness and luck.
Lord Chancellor
The real OG who pioneers Metazonx and possesses Alpha on all of the best NFT projects dominating the crypto space
The Mastermind
The brain behind the development of Metazonx’s metaverse, “rooted” since the beginning of blockchain businesses
Lord of Treasury
(Blockchain Builder)
Metazonx DeFi guru excels in cryptography, data structures, consensus protocols, smart contracts, and more
Lord of Development
A former eSports veteran with software engineering experience who designs Metazonx mobile application
Lord of Art
A rising star in generative art, reintegrating passion for anime and gaming into Metazonx NFTs