Metazonx has been operating since 2021. Let’s follow its steps in the journey towards creating the metaverse. However, please note that the ordering of these priorities could change due to massive traction, breakthrough research, and community feedback. These are projections that we are making as best we can but are subject to many potential disruptions.

Q4 2021: Idea + Concept

  • The idea of Metazonx popped into the founder's mind 💡!

Q1 2022: Getting Started

  • Gather a team who loves 💓 the Metazonx NFT project and work it out together 💪

Q2 2022: Launch of Project

  • $ZONX Minting and Completion of Smart Contract Audit
  • $ZONX Presale at PinkSale
  • $ZONX DEX (PancakeSwap) Listing and Creating Liquidity Pool
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing
  • Launch of $ZONX and Metazonx dashboard 📱 Introduce the reward unit that users harvest in Metazonx & develop a user-friendly resources dashboard
  • Buyback and Burn
  • Launch of Marketplace (Beta Version)
  • NFTs marketplace for searching, viewing & listing land mystery boxes/land
  • Whitelist Mint Up to 1,000 Metazonx land mystery boxes are available for presale.
  • Airdrop $ZONX to Landlords
  • Lands Revelation Reveal all land mystery boxes together on Metazonx Marketplace (Of course, you can resell the boxes before revelation!)

Q3 2022: Launch of NFTs

  • Testing & debug Beta marketplace with bug bounty campaign
  • Optimise Metazonx website/marketplace stability & user experience
  • First Public Mint Up to 9000 Metazonx land mystery boxes are available for public mint.
  • First Launch of Properties 🏯 Introduce Metazonx properties, including buildings, landmarks and landscapes, on Marketplace
  • First Launch of Avatars 🧍‍♂️ Introduce Metazonx avatars on Marketplace
  • Collaborate with more projects

Q4 2022: Launch of METABANK

  • Add multi-language support
  • Introduce METABANK, the metaverse decentralized financial system where users can build properties on their minted lands to harvest rewards
  • Launch staking
  • Collaborate with prominent NFT merchants and business partners to optimise users’ metaverse experience
  • Implement profit sharing of 10-20% with NFT holders
  • Integrate with more PancakeSwap pools
  • Integrate the utility of METAZONX Avatar NFT in METABANK


  • Public Sales and First-tier CEX Launchpad
  • Introduce META ENTERTAINMENT, a metaverse gaming system where users can immerse themselves in the game world with just one click
  • Expand token value by adding buyback and burn mechanisms

2023: Launch of Metaverse Virtual Reality

  • Introduce Metaverse Virtual Reality to provide ultra-realistic VR experience with Metazonx's top-class VR Goggles without latency and harmful ray issues