Welcome, all crypto and NFT enthusiasts!
We are bringing you to the world of Metazonx. Metazonx is a community-driven metaverse where everyone can enjoy gaming on the blockchain while investing in NFTs. You can now own NFTs in Metazonx and harvest rewards simultaneously. Yes, you heard it right! Simply Own, Build, and then Harvest!
Metazonx applies blockchain technology to reward landlords (referred to as "Metazonx users") for their engagement. As long as you own the ⛺ land, you get a chance to harvest rewards. Landlords have to build up 🗼 properties and place 🧍‍♂️ avatars on their lands to harvest more rewards. Also, the reward distribution depends on how landlords customise their lands.
There will be more possibilities to unlock in the future! Perhaps landlords will be able to create properties and avatars on their own. We always leave our doors open and let the community decide for themselves.
Last modified 10mo ago